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ABTC Board of Directors

Committee Assignments

ABTC has established three BOD Committees that include an Audit Committee, a Nomination and Governance Committee, and a Compensation Committee.

Purpose Driven and ESG-Principled

We are a company that is guided by our values, driven by our mission and inspired by our vision.

Our Vision: Powering the Future of Sustainable Energy

Our Mission: American Battery Technology Company provides technical development and commercialization of domestic, sustainable sourcing of critical battery materials through lithium-ion battery recycling and battery metal extraction technologies for use in batteries that power electric cars, grid storage applications, and consumer electronics and tools.

Our Values

We do the right thing, the right way.
Our team’s character drives how we treat others, how we make ethical decisions, and how we move forward as a responsible, world-bettering company. We make honesty and transparency our routine with a focus on safety, quality, and accountability.

We work hard and play nice.
We embrace the big challenges, facing them head-on by rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, with individual contributions powering team collaboration for the greatest results.

We care.
We are champions of each other, our shareholders, our customers, and our communities. Embracing differences and curiosity, we value authenticity, mutual respect, openness, and inclusion. We’re all on the same team: team human.

We leave things better than we found them.
We are forward thinkers and doers, seeking innovative ways to solve problems and challenge the status quo to better the world now so future generations can thrive.

Ryan Melsert Reflects on His First Week as CEO

In September 2021, Ryan Melsert was appointed as the CEO. Ryan’s appointment was part of a leadership transition to prioritize the company’s technology development and commercialization efforts and to position the company for long-term growth.

Ryan talks about his first week in his new role as CEO and CTO at American Battery Technology Company.

2022 Shareholder Letter

In January, 2022, Ryan Melsert issued his first shareholder letter as CEO. The letter lays out his initial direction for the company, and highlights our unique position as a company based in innovation and disruption.

“While there are many companies that construct and operate multiple large commercial facilities with mature processing train flowsheets, it is in the design, development, and optimization of innovative and unconventional processes where ABTC focuses. We as a team have the rare combination of skill sets and experiences to balance physics-based first-principles analytical modeling to define the workspace, with physical bench chemistry and fabrication of integrated systems to validate the operations, and economic and lifecycle impact modeling to assess the competitiveness of the technologies within the market.”

“I still wake up each morning humbled by the confidence you have placed in me, awestruck by the opportunity at our fingertips, and steadfast to help drive this company to its goals.”

~ABTC CEO and CTO, Ryan Melsert

Read the complete 2022 shareholder letter here.

ABTC Values

Creating a better world starts with the values we hold as individuals. By empowering both people and the planet, we can work together towards a more sustainable future.